This Bay Area Steakhouse Is Selling $42 Fried Rice

Fried rice is usually a pretty simple dish. You take some white rice (preferably rice that’s already a day or so old), and fry it up in a pan with oil, soy sauce, egg, veggies and more. It’s a staple of Chinese cuisine takeout (and a great way to use up some leftovers). In celebration of the Lunar New Year, however, one Bay Area steakhouse is taking fried rice way farther. LB Steak has announced that it will feature a $42 fried rice special dish for the Lunar New Year.

What goes into a $42 fried rice to make it worth roughly 2-3 times what a normal fried rice dish costs? LB Steak’s version of the classic dish is built around Wagyu beef. And not American false wagyu, either: real Miyazaki Wagyu from Japan. This super fancy beef is grown in a specific prefacture in Japan, and is made from Japanese Black cattle, a unique breed.

LB Steak’s extra special fried rice features some other unique ingredients, too. In addition to the Wagyu beef, it has pork belly, black rice, Fuji apples (again continuing the Japanese connection) and shishito peppers. it’s quite a fancy combination, and a unique way to take a standard dish and make it something extremely different.

How to Get LB Steak’s Fried Rice

LB Steak is offering its fried rice special for the entire month of February, in honor of the Year of the Tiger, which begins with this year’s Lunar New Year. Following another traditional practice for many around the time of the Lunar New Year, LB Steak will hand out special red envelopes along with the fried rice. Inside, diners will find a special “gift” of a future discount, a free dessert, or even free steak. You can visit either of their locations at Santana Row or City Center Bishop Ranch.

I love LB Steak, although I usually get more typical items like their filet mignon. I must admit that I find $40+ fried rice compelling. Should I go and check it out? Would you pay $42 for fried rice? Let me know in the comments.

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