Walk Into Fog Harbor Fish House on Valentine’s day

Getting a reservation at a popular Bay Area restaurant on any day–especially a weekend night–can be tricky. But traditionally, there are two days of the year that trump all the others when it comes to restaurant reservations: Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

With Valentine’s day coming up, it’s essential to make reservations now if you want to dine in the Bay Area–in most cases. One interesting exception is Fog Harbor Fish House. The Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant is located near Pier 39. It’s right by the famous sea lions you’ll see lounging at that pier. 

Courtesy Fog Harbor Fish House

Fog Harbor Fish House is indeed doing a special Valentine’s Day menu. Like many Bay Area restaurants, it’s also doing special seatings for Valentine’s Day. Those begin at 11 am and end at 9 pm on February 14th. But unlike many Bay Area restaurants, Fog Harbor is also doing something different.

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Walking In to Fog Harbor Fish House

It’s setting aside a large block of tables for walk-in guests. That’s right–if you can’t get a Valentine’s Day reservation elsewhere, or you forget about the holiday, you can potentially walk in to this popular restaurant and get a table day-of. The strategy makes sense for this particular eatery because it likely serves the tourist crowds along Fisherman’s Wharf. Newly-arrived visitors to the city may not have made a reservation in advance.

Just because you can walk in doesn’t necessarily mean that you should, though. Like everyone else, Fog Harbor recommends making reservations in advance if you can. You can do that at their website. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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