Video: Challenging, Dangerous Commutes During Bay Area’s Bomb Cyclone

Video Transcript

If you’ve had to go into the office during the ongoing “bomb Cyclone” or atmospheric river in California, you probably realize that commutes have been really challenging during this ongoing serious storm.

In the beginning, we didn’t have as much rain during the commute time. A lot of it happened overnight. However, the last several days we’ve had torrential rain and many problems with flooding in the morning during that morning commute.

We’ve got water standing on roadways in many cases. We’ve got a lot of situations where we’ve had mudslides and rock slides and different parts of roadways are actually closed, perhaps for several days or weeks. So be very careful if you’re out there.

If you need to commute, make sure never to drive through standing water. You can see here on this Hillside during the morning commute we’ve got water accumulating. We’ve got flooding. Never drive through a flooded roadway.

And also, if you’re able to stay at home, if you’re able to avoid having to be out and commuting in these incredibly challenging conditions in the Bay Area at the moment with the bomb Cyclone or atmospheric river, then stay at home. Work remotely if at all possible because as you can see here the conditions during the commute hour have been incredibly challenging.

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