Mud, Landslides, and Fearless Cows: Lafayette Ridge Staging Area in Briones Remains Closed

Lafayette, California’s Briones Park has been experiencing the aftermath of months of intense storms, resulting in landslides, mud, and blocked trails.

This situation has caused the closure of the Lafayette Ridge staging area near Acalanes High School and has left the hillside scarred. The EBRPD writes “Lafayette Ridge Staging Area is closed due to significant landslides. All other park entrances are open.”

In this blog post, we will discuss the current state of Briones Park, the ongoing efforts to address the landslide issues, and the curious presence of cows that seem unfazed by the recent events.

The Impact of Storms on Briones Park

The Lafayette area has faced a series of storms in recent months, causing landslides and leaving muddy trails in their wake. As the ground becomes increasingly saturated, the likelihood of further landslides increases. This situation has led to the closure of the staging area near Acalanes High School, which remains inaccessible due to safety concerns.

Landslide scars

Efforts to Address the Situation

In response to the recent landslides, local authorities have taken measures to mitigate the damage and prevent further harm. Sandbags have been placed near the roadway to help control water flow and reduce erosion. Additionally, the Bay Area Telegraph has seen bulldozers called in to clear the parking area, making it safe for future use.

As the ground remains saturated, it is crucial for visitors to heed any park closures and avoid entering the area if it is marked as closed. This is important not only for personal safety but also for the preservation of the park’s natural landscape and resources.

Keep in mind, too, that much of Briones remains open. Closures are primarily affecting the Lafayette Ridge area.

Cows Remain Unfazed

Despite the closure of Briones Park and the evident damage to the landscape, visitors have reported seeing cows roaming the hillside, seemingly untroubled by the recent events.

These cows are a testament to nature’s resilience and the local fauna’s adaptability. While the park undergoes recovery efforts, it is a fascinating sight to see these animals going about their daily lives amid the signs of landslides.

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