Ululanis Shave Ice is Opening a New Store in Livermore, California

LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA – Ululani’s Shave Ice, maker of the best shave ice on Maui in Hawaii, is finally coming to the San Francisco Bay Area. Ululanis announced via its Instagram page that the popular Hawaii chain will open a shave ice store in Livermore, California on November 11.

Ululanis is a beloved family-owned Maui small business that has served incredible shave ice for years. Many San Francisco residents flock to Ululani’s Maui locations when they visit the island.

Tragically, the chain’s original location in Lahaina, Maui was destroyed in this year’s devastating wildfires. Thankfully, Ululani’s has managed to continue on at its other Maui locations, and even make good on a two-year effort to expand to Northern California.

The new Livermore location of Ululanis will mark the first location that is truly in the Bay Area. Ululanis opened a Stockton, California location last year, and had a location in Los Angeles previously.

Ululanis’ co-founders reportedly chose the Livermore location because of its warm climate. San Francisco itself, co-owned David Yamashiro felt, was too chilly to make for good shave ice weather.

Thankfully, the Bay Area has tons of microclimates, though. Livermore is often as much as 40 degrees warmer than the city. With temperatures over 100 degrees during the Summer, it’s the ideal place to grab a shaved ice treat.

What makes Ululanis’ shave ice so special? As we detailed in a 2021 review and interview, Ululani’s uses fresh fruit in their syrups, and then hyper-purify their water to form the fluffiest ice possible. It’s a winning combo, leading them to sell millions of shave ices in Maui and beyond.

Visiting the Livermore location is also a perfect opportunity to support a Maui small business without even leaving the Bay Area.

The new location will be at 3016 W Jack London Blvd Livermore, CA 94588 United States and opens Saturday, November 11th 12 pm-8pm

Thomas Smith

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