Trying Iced Mint “Mojito” Coffee at Philz

If you’re a coffee lover looking for a refreshing twist on your regular cup of joe, then you have to try the Philz Mint Mojito Coffee.

This tasty beverage combines the rich, bold taste of coffee with the cool, invigorating flavor of mint. Alongside the Philz Iced Gingersnap and Rose, it’s one of my favorite drinks from the Bay Area coffee chain. I got this one in San Ramon, California but my favorite Philz location is in Lafayette.

Here’s my video review. Sorry about my hair.

What’s in a Philz Mint Mojito Coffee?

Although the name “Mint Mojito” might suggest a boozy delight, this drink is actually alcohol-free. The mojito-inspired moniker comes from the enticing mint flavor that’s carefully infused into the coffee. What sets Philz Mint Mojito Coffee apart from other mint-flavored coffee drinks is the use of real mint leaves to create a vibrant and authentic taste that will leave you hooked.

The mint leaves are combined with Phils Coffee’s signature pour-over coffee, adding a rich depth of flavor to the drink. But that’s not all – the Mint Mojito Coffee is then shaken up with a generous helping of cream and sugar, resulting in a sweet and luscious beverage.

Of course, you can always opt for artificial sweetener, oat milk, or other alternatives. But why would you? The drink ordered with “creamy cream” and “sweet sugar” (in the unique Philz parlance) is perfect.

The author with a Philz Mint Mojito

Give it a Try

I like the Philz Mint Mojito so much that I drink it all through the winter, even though it’s iced. Starbucks’ winter pistachio drinks are nice and all, but the real mulled mint in Philz’ mojito gives it a unique flavor.

So the next time you’re in the mood for an incredible coffee experience, make sure to swing by Philz Coffee and treat yourself to a Mint Mojito Coffee. Trust me; you won’t regret it!

Video Transcript

Tom Smith here, trying the Phil’s Mint Mojito Coffee. This is one of my favorite coffee drinks at Phil’s Coffee. The mojito is kind of a misnomer – it’s not got any alcohol in it. However, it does have a mint flavor which is achieved by using real mint leaves – which is awesome. They mix this with some of their pour over coffee, shake it up with cream and sugar, making it a really sweet and delicious treat. That, and the gingerbread drink, are my two favorite drinks at Phil’s. Even though it’s pretty chilly out – about 50 degrees by Bay Area standards – this is still a great drink to have. Really delicious – I really love the Phil’s Mint Mojito.

Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith is a food and travel photographer and writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His photographic work routinely appears in publications including Food and Wine, Conde Nast Traveler, and the New York Times and his writing appears in IEEE Spectrum, SFGate, the Bold Italic and more. Smith holds a degree in Cognitive Science (Neuroscience) and Anthropology from the Johns Hopkins University.
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