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Our Mission

In the 19th century, the invention of the telegraph revolutionized the news industry. Information could suddenly flow at the speed of light, and even in remote places, this new technology allowed people to get useful information quickly. The telegraph also allowed and encouraged people to learn about far-off places, and then to travel there themselves.

Today, algorithmic news, aggregator services, mobile devices, video streaming services, and other new technologies are again revolutionizing both information and travel.

The Bay Area Telegraph’s mission is to leverage these new technological advances, bringing travel information for Bay Area visitors, food, culture, activities and more to our readers, wherever and whenever they consume information. Our goal is to keep this a free service, so that everyone has access to our reporting and advice.

We’re locals who love the Bay Area. We want to share it with you.


Thomas Smith is Editor in Chief of the Bay Area Telegraph. Smith brings rich experience as a professional news photographer who has spent 5+ years covering the Bay Area, as well as a writer for Bay Area and national publications including SFGate, the Bold Italic and NewsBreak. As CEO of Gado Images, a social enterprise digitizing the world’s visual history, Smith has extensive experience working with newspapers, news photos, and Bay Area institutions.

Smith holds a degree in cultural anthropology and cognitive science from the Johns Hopkins University.

You can learn more about Smith on his LinkedIn page. More information about Gado Images is available on the Gado Images website.

Contact Us

You can email the Bay Area Telegraph at tom@gadoimages.com

You can also send us mail at:

Bay Area Telegraph C/O Ts Tech Solutions LLC
2603 Camino Ramon
Suite 200
San Ramon, CA 94549

Tips and Submissions

Have a news tip? Want to submit an article to the Bay Area Telegraph? We are open to both tips and submissions. Please email us at the address listed above.

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