Ululani's Shave Ice is a hugely popular shave ice place on Maui. Why? They serve the best shave ice in Hawaii!

The company is a small business run by David Yamashiro and his wife Ululani. They now employ over 100 people.

Ululanis uses homemade syrups with cane sugar and real fruit for their shave ice

They make their ice by shaving solid blocks that they freeze themselves--the old fashioned way

You can top your Ululanis shave ice with their homemade mochi or a "snow cap" of condensed milk

They have tasty and colorful kids flavors, too

In Kaanapali you can eat their shave ice at colorful picnic tables right by the beach

Check out Ululani's the next time you're on Maui, but be prepared for big lines at their popular stores

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