What was Pedro Gomez’s Cause of Death?

A lot of people who loved watching Pedro Gomez on TV heard that he died, and wondered about Pedro Gomez’s cause of death.

Tragically, Pedro Gomez died of a heart attack, which is also called sudden cardiac arrest.

Pedro Gomez was a sports reporter who was beloved in the San Francisco Bay area. Gomez got his start writing for the Miami News in the 1980s, before moving to cover sports in San Diego. Beginning in 1992 Gomez covered the Oakland Athletics for a variety of newspapers in the Bay Area as well as the Sacramento area. Locally, he wrote for the San Jose Mercury News.

This was an exciting time for the Athletics. During his tenure as a reporter, which lasted almost a decade, Gomez covered players including Rickey Henderson and Mark McGwire. He even traveled to Cuba to cover games and covered other sports as well, including soccer.

Pedro Gomez‘s cause of death

Gonez’s life as a journalist and father was cut short too young, at the age of 58. According to the Mercury News, the paper at which Gomez spent a large portion of his career, Gomez died of sudden cardiac arrest on February 7, 2021 at his home in Phoenix. Sudden cardiac arrest was listed as the cause of death for Pedro Gomez from a medical standpoint, but the layperson’s term for that condition is a heart attack.

After his death, many colleagues spoke out publicly about the impact Gomez had on their own lives, and on the San Francisco Bay area. His influence here will surely be missed.

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