Five Little Monkeys is Now Open in Lafayette

The new location of the Five Little Monkeys toy store is now open at Fiesta Square in Lafayette, California.

Five Little Monkeys is a much-loved toy store with locations in Berkeley, Walnut Creek and several other cities around the Bay Area. The independent store manages to pack huge numbers of toys into a small space, and the brightly-lit, cheerful stores delight young kids.

A Focus on Play

Unlike nearby toy stores such as Learning Express on Mount Diablo Blvd in Lafayette and Lakeshore Learning in Walnut Creek, Five Little Monkeys is not solely focused on educational toys. It does feature many of these, but it also highlights things like Legos, Micro scooters, and other play-oriented items.

The Bay Area Telegraph visited the new Five Little Monkeys location in Lafayette shortly after it opened.

The new store is larger and more open than the smaller location on Main Street in Walnut Creek. It has high ceilings, and occupies a historical space in downtown Lafayette.

Like other locations of the popular local toy store, the new Lafayette location is packed with toys of all kinds. The entire store is encircled by a train set the cruises in lazy circles at ceiling height.

A Built-In Play Space

One welcome addition in the new location is a playhouse for kids that features a train table and a variety of other toys. It’s a great space for kids to hang out for a few minutes while parents browse, and provides a reason to stop into the toy store even if you don’t plan to buy anything immediately, perhaps on a rainy day.

Five Little Monkeys often partners with local community organizations to help raise money. It’s also a popular location for people seeking birthday gifts for kids, or who are looking for a dedicated toy store now that popular places link Toys “R” Us have gone under.

The new Five Little Monkeys location seems like a great space, and the features that attract members of the community like the engaging playhouse will be very welcome. If you live in Lafayette, stop by this new addition to the town and check it out.

Thomas Smith

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