Slice House – Best NY Style Pizza In The Bay Area

Are you an East Coast transplant looking the delicious New York-style pizza that’s so hard to find in the Bay Area? Slice House in downtown Walnut Creek has the drippy, cheesy, not-that-fancy East Coast pizza you’ve been craving.

Slice House is located at 1500 Mount Diablo Boulevard in Walnut Creek. The building itself is really unique – it was constructed from old brick that was recovered, giving it a cool retro feel.

Facade with sign at Slice House pizza restaurant in downtown Walnut Creek, California, February 25, 2018.

Plus, it has a pretty neat rooftop bar above it that you can check out.

There’s also the Teleferic Barcelona restaurant in the same building.

Food and Ambiance

The inside of the restaurant is casual and counter service, but the highlight is definitely the pizza. Slice House has all kinds of classic options like pepperoni, cheese, and Sicilian. Plus, there are vegan and veggie options available too. You can order by the slice and they’ll heat it up for you quickly.

They also have full pies available. Heads up: these are massive! The largest size pie is way more than a typical family could eat in one sitting.

In addition to pizza, you can also get beer on tap and wine. Plus, they have a lunch combo that’s really great – a fountain soda, slice, and salad for around ten bucks. The salads are really good too, with a delicious Caesar dressing.

Parking and Seating

If you’re looking for a spot to sit, Slice House also has an outdoor seating area built into the parking lot. It’s a nice spot to eat in the nice weather, and you can even bring your pizza out to enjoy it outside.

My only issue with Slice House is the extremely limited indoor seating. There are about three tables, and they’re cramped. On rainy days, it’s nearly impossible to sit indoors.

All in all, Slice House is a great spot for classic New York-style pizza, as well as other Italian-style dishes. The pizza is delicious, the ingredients are high-quality, and it’s a nice spot for lunch. Plus, it’s pretty inexpensive and you can even order delivery through Doordash. If you’re in the area, I definitely recommend checking it out!

Key Takeaways

1. Slice House Pizza in Walnut Creek, California is the best place to get New York-style pizza in the Bay Area.

2. They have a wide range of classic pizza options including pepperoni, cheese, and Sicilian, as well as vegan and veggie options.

4. In addition to pizza, they also serve beer on tap, wine, and salads with a delicious Caesar dressing.

5. Slice House has an outdoor seating area, but indoor seating is limited. Picnic time?

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