Amazing Donuts at Johnny's Donuts in Lafayette

Johnny’s Donuts in Lafayette, California is a great old-school donut place. It has a large selection of donuts, both cake and yeasty, as well as filled donuts like the raspberry jelly-filled one, which is a favorite among customers.

Johnny’s Donuts has the iconic pink boxes that make it easy to take the donuts away! We visited recently to try their donuts out.

Seating Area and Prices

Johnny’s Donuts has a small seating area inside and the prices are unbeatable. Each donut is under two dollars and you can get them individually or in dozens. I like to make donuts at home, too, but you can’t beat the prices here!

The filled donuts have a nice crumbly filling on the outside and are covered in glaze.

Menu and pricing at Johnny’s Donuts

Supporting a Small Business

Johnny Donuts is an awesome small business that deserves to be supported. We encourage everyone to try out this old school donut place and taste the deliciousness that it has to offer.

Key Takeaways

  • Johnny Donuts in Lafayette, California is a great old school donut place.
  • They have a wide selection of donuts, including cake, yeasty, and filled varieties.
  • They offer iconic pink boxes which can be used to take donuts away.
  • Prices are low, with donuts costing under two dollars.
  • Donuts are delicious, with crumbly filling and glaze.

Address: 3629 Mount Diablo Blvd # A, Lafayette, CA 94549

They have no website!

Video Transcript

Let’s take a look at Johnny Donuts in Lafayette, California. This is a really great old school donut place. You can see they have all the different cake donuts, they’ve got the yeasty kind of donuts, and they’ve got filled donuts like this awesome raspberry jelly filled one, which is my favorite.

There’s also some really nice things. You know, again, you’ve got a big selection there. It’s a small business, so it’s great to support them. They’ve got those iconic pink boxes where you can take your donuts away. There’s a small seating area inside.

One of the best things is the prices. It’s under two dollars for these really delicious donuts, and you can get dozens. You can get them individually or even donut holes. Again, I really love the filled donuts there, but all of them are delicious. Fresh, nice kind of crumbly filling on the outside with the glaze.

I really love Johnny Donuts there in Lafayette.

Thomas Smith

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