Discover the Irresistible French-Asian Fusion at Tous Les Jours in Dublin, California

Tous Les Jours, meaning ‘every day’ in French, is a bakery that wonderfully combines French and Asian influences to create a delightful and unique pastry experience.

With its fusion menu and cozy atmosphere, this bakery has become a favorite spot for many, including myself. My mother in law loved this restaurant, so my family has gone there a lot.

One of my personal favorites is the Dublin, California location, and in this blog post, I’ll be sharing my experience of visiting this charming bakery.

The Unique Concept: French and Asian Fusion Bakery

At Tous Les Jours, you’ll find classic French pastries like croissants and macarons, but also a variety of Asian-inspired items like red bean pastries, sesame flavors, and other flavored treats.

The fusion of flavors and techniques is what sets Tous Les Jours apart from other bakeries, and it’s one of the reasons why it has gained such a loyal following.

The Bakery Experience: Grab Your Tongs and Tray

Upon entering Tous Les Jours, you’ll be greeted by the sight of a stunning display case filled with a variety of fresh, colorful pastries.

To make your selection, grab a pair of tongs and a tray, and then simply choose your desired items from the display case. This self-service style not only allows you to take your time and explore the bakery’s offerings, but it also adds a touch of fun to the experience.

Diverse Pastry Selection: From Croissants to Red Bean Pastries

One of the highlights of Tous Les Jours is its diverse selection of pastries. You’ll find classic croissants, donuts, and various types of bread, as well as Asian-inspired varieties.

Unlike the Bay Area’s ubiquitous sourdough, many of the breads at Tous Les Jours are milky and sweet. Think of the outside of a sweet bao bun, more than flaky crust.

The bakery also offers an impressive selection of cakes and macarons, which make for the perfect sweet treat or celebration dessert.

Cakes and Macarons: Light and Fluffy Perfection

Tous Les Jours is known for its delicious, light, and fluffy cakes that come in various flavors and sizes.

Macarons at Tous Les Jours

Whether you’re looking for a small treat or a larger cake for a special occasion, the bakery has you covered. Their macarons are also a must-try, with a range of flavors and perfectly delicate textures that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Illy Espresso Drinks: The Perfect Pairing

To complement your pastries, Tous Les Jours offers a selection of Illy espresso drinks.

Known for their rich and smooth taste and fancy reputation, Illy’s beverages are the ideal accompaniment to your chosen treats, making your visit to the bakery even more enjoyable.

A Cozy Spot to Sit and Work

Apart from offering delicious pastries and drinks, Tous Les Jours also provides a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, making it the perfect spot to sit and work or catch up with friends.

The Dublin, California location, in particular, is a favorite of mine, with its inviting ambiance and friendly staff. It’s one of my favorite Dublin restaurants. The bakery isn’t huge, but I’ve spent plenty of time there tapping away at a laptop.


If you’re looking for a unique bakery experience that combines French and Asian flavors, Tous Les Jours is the perfect destination.

With its wide selection of pastries, cakes, macarons, and Illy espresso drinks, as well as a welcoming atmosphere, it’s no wonder this bakery has become a favorite for many. Whether you’re in Dublin, California or one of their other locations, be sure to stop by and enjoy the delightful fusion of flavors that Tous Les Jours has to offer.

Thomas Smith

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