Ramen Hiroshi: The Ultimate Destination for Tonkatsu Ramen and Gyoza Lovers

Ramen Hiroshi is an absolute must-visit ramen place for people in the Bay Area. With two locations in San Ramon, California and Walnut Creek, California, this eatery offers delicious Japanese cuisine that will make you crave for more. In this blog post, we will explore two of my favorite dishes at Ramen Hiroshi: Tonkatsu Ramen and Gyoza.

The Lip-Smacking Tonkatsu Ramen

My personal favorite dish at Ramen Hiroshi is their Tonkatsu Ramen. This delectable bowl is filled with mouthwatering ingredients, making it a perfect meal to satisfy any ramen cravings.

First, let’s talk about the key components in this dish. The Tonkatsu Ramen is made up of eggs, various mushrooms, and tender pork belly slices. Each of these ingredients is carefully cooked and expertly seasoned to elevate the overall flavor of the dish.

What really sets this ramen apart from others is the rich and creamy Tonkatsu bone broth. This soup is made from pork bones that have been simmered for hours, resulting in a full-bodied and velvety broth that embraces your taste buds in a warm and comforting hug.

When all these ingredients come together, the Tonkatsu Ramen becomes an unparalleled culinary masterpiece that delights every ramen enthusiast.

Here is a video that I made about Ramen Hiroshi.

The Delectable Gyoza

Another must-try item at Ramen Hiroshi is their Gyoza. Originating in Japan, gyoza is a popular appetizer served with a dipping sauce on the side. These are dumplings filled with a mixture of ingredients, most commonly ground meat and vegetables.

Ramen Hiroshi takes pride in offering two different variants of gyoza: deep-fried and pan-fried. While both are delicious in their own right, I particularly have a soft spot for their pan-fried version.

Fried gyoza dumplings at Ramen Hiroshi in San Ramon, California, January 31, 2022. Photo courtesy Sftm.

What sets Ramen Hiroshi’s pan-fried gyoza apart from others is its perfect balance between a crispy and tender texture. The exterior is golden brown and slightly crispy, while the interior remains soft with the flavorful filling.

Served with a dipping sauce that complements the gyoza perfectly, it’s no wonder why these dumplings are a hit among customers.


Ramen Hiroshi is a gem of a restaurant that offers you an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine. Their Tonkatsu Ramen and Gyoza are just a small sampling of the dishes that they have to offer their customers. While these two dishes are certainly some of my favorites, I encourage you to explore their menu further and discover your own favorite dish.

Key Takeaways

  • Ramen Hiroshi has locations in San Ramon and Walnut Creek.
  • Their Tonkatsu Ramen is their most popular dish.
  • The Tonkatsu Ramen has eggs, mushrooms, pork belly slices, and a creamy Tonkatsu bone broth.
  • Ramen Hiroshi also has two kinds of gyoza: deep fried and pan fried.

Video Transcript

I’m Thomas Smith and this is a quick look at two of my favorite dishes at Ramen Hiroshi. They have locations in San Ramon and Walnut Creek.

My favorite dish there is their Tonkatsu Ramen. It’s really delicious. You see, you’ve got eggs, various mushrooms, pork belly slices, and a really nice creamy Tonkatsu bone broth.

Another item that’s great there at Ramen Hiroshi is their gyoza. They have two different kinds, a deep fried gyoza and a pan fried gyoza. I particularly like the pan fried.

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