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How Many Bathrooms Are on an Airplane? Veteran Traveler’s Info

In the bustling world of air travel, passenger comfort is key. One aspect of this comfort lies in the availability and accessibility of bathrooms, or as they’re more commonly referred to in aviation parlance – lavatories.

Ever wondered exactly how many bathrooms are on an airplane? This article unveils the secrets behind the numbers and locations of bathrooms on various aircraft.

The Numbers Game

Interestingly, the number of bathrooms on a plane varies a lot by the type of plane, but also the airline.

Aircraft ModelTypical Number of Bathrooms
Boeing 737-8003-5
Boeing 737 MAX 83-5
Boeing 757-2003-4
Boeing 767-3004-7
Boeing 777-2005-8
Boeing 777-300ER6-10
Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner5-8
Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner6-9
Airbus A3193-4
Airbus A3203-4
Airbus A3214-6
Airbus A330-2005-8
Airbus A330-3006-8
Airbus A350 XWB8-10
Airbus A380-80015+

Single Aisle Aircraft:

These are commonly used for short to medium-haul flights. Examples include the Airbus A319 and Boeing 737. Generally, single-aisle aircraft have between 3 and 5 bathrooms. Their placement depends on the aircraft configuration, but typically you’ll find one at the front and one or two at the back.

Twin Aisle Aircraft:

Aircraft like the Airbus A350 or Boeing 777 fall under this category, and are often used for long-haul flights. These aircraft typically have between 4 and 10 bathrooms. The additional lavatories are essential to accommodate the higher number of passengers and the longer duration of flights.

There are often dedicated bathrooms for different cabins, too. For example, a perk of Business Class might be a dedicated bathrooms that’s not available to the mere mortals back in Coach!

Jumbo Jets:

The iconic Boeing 747 and the Airbus A380 are considered jumbo jets. The Airbus A380, the largest passenger aircraft in the world, can have upwards of 10 bathrooms, depending on the airline’s configuration. These are strategically located across both decks of the aircraft.

Variations and Configurations:

Airlines often customize the layout of their aircraft. For example, an airline focusing on premium service may opt for more spacious bathrooms and, as a result, have fewer of them. In contrast, low-cost carriers might prioritize maximizing seating capacity, which could result in more, but smaller bathrooms.

Special Features:

Some airlines go above and beyond when it comes to lavatories. For instance, Emirates’ A380s feature a shower spa for first-class passengers. Additionally, some newer aircraft models are incorporating accessible lavatories that are more spacious to better accommodate passengers with reduced mobility or those traveling with kids.


The number of bathrooms on an airplane varies widely based on the type of aircraft and the airline’s specific configuration. While single-aisle aircraft generally have 3-5 bathrooms, twin-aisle and jumbo jets feature a significantly higher number to ensure passenger comfort on longer flights.

Ultimately, an airplane’s lavatories are an essential part of the travel experience and are thoughtfully designed to balance the needs of passengers and the operational considerations of the airline.

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