Did Kimos in Lahaina Maui Survive the Wildfires? Latest Info

If you’ve frequented the city of Lahaina, Maui, you’ve probably eaten at Kimos restaurant. Located on Front Street in Lahaina, Kimos served guests in a stunning tropical setting with views overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

With the recent devastating fires in Lahina, Hawaii, though, many people are wondering if Kimos survived the blaze. Can you return to this Maui restaurant on your next visit for a slice of their signature Hula Pie?

Hula Pie on the Kimos menu
Hula Pie on the Kimos menu

My Visits to Kimos

I’ve been traveling to Maui every year for 8 years. As a pro photographer, I visit to document the island’s beauty, as well as its food.

For that reason, I’ve eaten at Kimos countless times over the years.

I loved eating on the back patio at Kimos, looking out on the water.

Kimos back patio
Kimos back patio

Kimos also had awesome tropical drinks! I’ve taken many an Instagram photo while sitting on the back patio.

Kimos tropical drink
Kimos tropical drink

Did Kimos Survive?

So can you head back to Kimos soon for one more slice of Hula pie?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Kimos was reportedly destroyed in the fires that swept through Lahaina, and little to nothing is left of the building.

Kimos confirmed this on their Facebook page, saying “From the news reports, aerial photos, and secondhand accounts, we know that Kimo’s was in the fire’s path and expect that the building is gone. However, Kimo’s is so much more than its building.”

Thankfully, there is incredibly good news to come out of this sad announcement. Kimos also said that “T S Maui is incredibly grateful to confirm that all 724 of T S employees and managers have been accounted for and are safe.”

Many have lost their homes, though, and Kimos is raising funds to help them through its foundation.

Kimos also said that “Kimo’s is so much more than its building.” The Maui small business plans to rebuild and to keep bringing the Aloha spirit to Maui in any way it can.

Thomas Smith

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