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Did the Lahaina Jodo Mission Survive the Wildfires? Latest Info

If you’ve traveled to Lahaina, Hawaii on the island of Maui, you may have paid a visit to the Lahaina Jodo Mission.

The historical mission, which was originally founded in the 1930s, was known for its massive Buddha statue, as well as a large ceremonial bell and a pagoda temple. The Jodo Mission was a popular place for devout worshipers and curious visitors alike.

Many people are now wondering whether the Lahaina Jodo Mission survived the massive wildfires that swept through the town of Lahaina.

My Visits to the Lahaina Jodo Mission

As a professional photographer, I visited the Lahaina Jodo Mission on several occasions. It was inspiring to see the beautiful grounds of the mission–right on the water by the town of Lahaina.

The mission was also always a reminder that while many people think of Lahaina as “touristy”, it’s actually a historical town with massive significance to locals.

Did the Mission Survive?

Did the historical Lahaina Jodo Mission survive the wildfires?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The Lahaina Jodo mission was destroyed in the massive fires that swept through the city.

Although the mission has a limited web presence, video shot by locals on the ground confirms that the temple at the mission was burned.

@lifewithfivekids We walked through lahaina today looking for people that needed help we didnt find many. 🥺 #lahainafire #lahaina #mission #jodomission #mauifire ♬ original sound – Polina Marian

From the video, though, it appears that the massive Buddha statue may have survived.

We are saddened to hear of this loss to Maui’s cultural heritage, and we hope that the mission is able to rebuild.

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