A Culinary Photo Tour of Breakfast at Jack’s Restaurant in Pleasant Hill

The facade of Jack's restaurant in Pleasant Hill
Courtesy Thomas Smith/Gado Images

Question for Your: What’s your favorite item to order at Jack’s? Let me know in the comments.

I really love Jack’s restaurant in Pleasant Hill, even though I’ve only been going there for a few months. As I’ve shared before, they have tasty, affordable, delicious options for breakfast, as well as any other meal of the day.

Still, I usually find myself going to Jack’s for breakfast, and ordering in from Jack’s via an app like Doordash for other meals. The restaurant is cavernous, with multiple indoor and outdoor spaces, so it’s always easy to find a table if you go there in the morning.

What do I get? My favorite–and my personal staple meal there–are Jack’s chocolate chip pancakes. They’re decadent, tasty, and cheap, with a short stack costing under $8.

I usually accompany that with bacon, but also with one of Jack’s Yukon gold hashbrowns. These are about the size of my head and are super tasty with some butter or salt on top.

Want something on the healthier side? Jack’s has you covered there as well. They’re pretty good about customizing orders, and you can get things like an eggwhite omelet, or a veggie omelet made with minimal butter and oil. You can also sub out the hash brown for something healthier, like a side of fruit.

I’m not usually drinking anything heavier than orange juice or an almondmilk latte at breakfast (one head’s up: Jack’s can’t steam non-dairy milk, so they have to improvise on non-dairy lattes). But if you go later in the day, they’ve got an extensive selection of craft beers, most of which are served on tap.

There’s even an attached Tap Room, a bar area with high-top tables, and a livelier setting than the main restaurant dining room.

Check Jack’s out the new time you’re craving breakfast in Pleasant Hill. Be prepared with your vaccine card, as Jack’s checks them at the door consistently. Whether you want something healthy or something decadent, you won’t be disappointed. And check out their family meals on Doordash if you ever need a quick, easy dinner for a bigger group at home.

Note: I bought these meals with my own money and this is not a sponsored review.

Thomas Smith

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