Rockin Jump in Concord Is An Awesome Rainy Day Kids’ Activity

The Bay Area has been seeing historically rainy weather over the last few months. On top of that, tons of indoor playspaces are closed due to Covid-19–especially smaller ones without the space for social distancing.

What’s a Bay Area parent to do? How do you help your kids get their wiggles out (and maybe get some exercise for yourself) when parks are too rainy and there’s no where to get?

If you’re looking for a great indoor activity to do with your kids in the East Bay, check out Rockin Jump in Concord.

Rockin Jump is a trampoline park located inside a giant warehouse space in an industrial section of Concord. I didn’t expect it to be too updated and clean inside, given the industrial location, but it’s actually extremely new, clean, bright and well maintained.

The space is huge–a literal warehouse where the entire floor is a series of trampolins. You and your kids can bounce around, jump high, play trampoline dodgeball, sail over a stunt airbag on a hanging silk rope, and much more. Rockin Jump has a variety of different sections, so there’s always plenty of room. There’s a Toddler Section that’s open all the time, and Rockin Jump also has special Tot Hours on certain mornings, when only small kids are allowed. It’s also a popular hangout for teenagers, and can even be rented out for corporate teambuilding events.

Heads up: when you arrive, you’ll have to begin by signing an industrial-strength waiver and buying a pair of special socks (you can reuse them on future visits). You’ll then get free reign of the space, and can bounce on all the trampolines to your heart’s desire. Rockin Jump has party rooms for kids’ parties, and a cafe that’s open during certain hours, but generally not during the early morning Tot Hours.

There’s also a big arcade area, and a series of climbing walls. Again, it’s the perfect space to get some exercise in when it’s rainy or smoky outside. I’ve taken my kids a ton of times during the rainy season and also during wildfire season, as a nice indoor space to get exercise.

Rockin Jump is located at 1631 Challenge Drive in Concord. You can visit them online at

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