AI Imagines Wild Animals Roaming the Streets of San Francisco in Stunning Photo Series

Generative AI has taken the world by storm, creating everything from machine-written news articles to surprisingly good poetry. One of the most exciting uses of generative AI, though, is in creating fantastical images of imagined scenes.

Midjourney Inc, one of the most advanced companies in the AI space, happens to be based here in San Francisco, California.

We thought it would be fun to use Midjourney’s AI tech to imagine a fantastical event–a menagerie of wild animals roaming through the streets of the City By the Bay.

Here are the stunning images that we created using Midjourney’s system.

Elephants March Across the Golden Gate Bridge

This spooky and surreal black-and-white photograph created using Midjourney shows a line of elephants marching down the Golden Gate Bridge. Like drivers waiting in traffic, the line of elephants is packed densley together, as onlookers view them in surprise.

A Lion Roars At the Ferry Building

In this dramatic image, a fanciful version of the Ferry Building provides a backdrop to a low-angle view of a majestic lion roaring proudly. Lions are the king of the jungle, but this one prowls the imposing urban canyons of San Francisco.

A White Tiger Prowls Down Market Street

In this dramatic image, cars are seemingly dwarfed by the imposing presence of a white tiger who prowls powerfully (and perhaps menacingly) down Market Street. Portions are already closed to cars, but apparently not to wild beasts.

Monkeys Ride the F Train

As formally-dressed commuters appear to ride unaware, monkeys have taken over a car of the F train. They stare, bemused, from the window of the train as it cruises through San Francisco’s streets.

A Cheetah Rests at Ocean Beach

At Ocean Beach, a majestic cheetah rests on its haunches, its paws immersed in the sand. It appears to stare out to sea pensively, as the sun gently illuminates its spotted coat.

Giraffes Stand in the Shade of Grace Cathedral

At Grace Cathedral, two peaceful giraffes stand in the shade of the cathedral, enjoying the serene environment and the cool respite that the cathedral’s imposing facade provides.

The Power of AI Images

As these images show, AI systems like Midjourney can yield some powerful and creative results. These fanciful images of San Francisco’s animal visitors give a unique and creative picture of what AI-assisted art can inspire.

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Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith is a food and travel photographer and writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His photographic work routinely appears in publications including Food and Wine, Conde Nast Traveler, and the New York Times and his writing appears in IEEE Spectrum, SFGate, the Bold Italic and more. Smith holds a degree in Cognitive Science (Neuroscience) and Anthropology from the Johns Hopkins University.

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