Where to Get Free Sandbags in Lafayette, California

With the ongoing rains in Lafayette, California, many residents are experiencing the need for sandbags to protect their homes and properties from potential flooding. Luckily, the city has set up a free sandbag station to help residents stay prepared and protected. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to access the free sandbags, including the location, eligibility, and some important tips to keep in mind.

Location of the Free Sandbag Station

The free sandbag station is conveniently located at the intersection of Risa Road and Mount Diablo Boulevard in Lafayette. This central location ensures that all residents can easily access the sandbags they need during the rainy season.

Eligibility and Usage

The sandbag station is open to Lafayette residents only. It’s important to note that these sandbags are intended for flood prevention purposes, and not for architectural projects or other uses. By respecting this policy, we can ensure that there are enough sandbags available for everyone who needs them during the rainy season.

Supplies and Instructions

At the sandbag station, you’ll find everything you need to fill and transport your sandbags. This includes bags, sand, and other necessary supplies. Additionally, there will be instructions onsite to guide you through the process of filling the bags correctly. Properly filled sandbags are essential for effective flood prevention, so be sure to follow the instructions closely.

Vehicle Requirements

When planning your visit to the sandbag station, it’s important to bring a vehicle that can handle the weight of the sandbags. Each sandbag weighs approximately 40-50 pounds when filled, so be sure that your vehicle can safely transport the number of bags you need. Overloading your vehicle could lead to dangerous driving conditions and potential damage to your car.

Physical Considerations

Filling and lifting sandbags can be physically demanding work. If you’re not physically able to lift a sandbag or have mobility limitations, it’s important to bring someone along who can assist you in the process. This could be a friend, family member, or neighbor. The key is to ensure you have the help you need to safely and effectively fill and transport your sandbags.


The free sandbag station in Lafayette is a valuable resource for residents looking to protect their homes and properties from potential flooding during the rainy season.

By following the guidelines provided, including eligibility, usage, and filling instructions, you can help ensure that everyone in the community has access to the sandbags they need. Don’t forget to bring a suitable vehicle and, if necessary, someone to assist you in the sandbag filling process. Stay safe and prepared this rainy season, Lafayette!

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