Veteran Family Reportedly Harassed in Lamorinda for Displaying American Flag

A local family with military background has reportedly been harassed by their neighbor for flying an American flag outside their home. The incident came to light via a Facebook post by an anonymous resident in the Lamorinda community.

In the post, the resident described receiving a “rude email” from a neighbor, allegedly insisting they take down their American flag, which they have been displaying since September.

The resident wrote, “Our neighbor claims that ‘although he is patriotic, he doesn’t want to see it in his face 24/7-365.’ I was really shocked/surprised etc and don’t really know how to respond. My husband wants to ignore it completely. My Dad is a Vietnam vet and both our families have military backgrounds. We live on top of a large hill so flying a flag seemed pretty cool to us and our kids all love it. I’m just so shocked I think I need to check the pulse of what others think. His email was really nasty and I’m also just quite sad that this is what our neighbors are truly like.”

The post quickly gained traction within the community, drawing attention to an issue not frequently discussed: the backlash one can receive for displaying patriotic symbols, even in the United States.

This incident has elicited strong reactions from community members. Many expressed shock and disappointment. One person responded “Seriously- this is your property, do what you want. And last time I checked, your neighbors live in America.”

It’s part of a bigger trend in the Bay Area of antipathy towards the American flag and other patriotic symbols. As SFGate reported, other residents of the Bay Area have previously faced backlash for displaying the American flag.

Especially with July 4th approaching, it’s surprising to hear of this anger towards national symbols here in the Bay Area.

In response to the post, several community members had advice for the veteran family: “Buy a bigger flag.”

Thomas Smith

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