Mendocino Farms is coming soon to Walnut Creek, California

Big news for Walnut Creek, California sandwich lovers. The popular sandwich market, Mendocino Farms, is opening a brand new location right in our neighborhood.

Wondering where and when? Read on to find out!

Updating the Progress on Mendocino Farms Construction

I took some time out of my day to visit the construction site, allowing me to provide you with firsthand information on the progress. The first thing that struck me was the distinct color of the building – it’s currently draped in a shade of blue. No blue cow spotted yet!

As I examined the setting further, I noted that the exterior painting was already underway. From the looks of it, there’s still a fair amount of work that needs to be done on the inside and some touch-ups in the parking lot.

However, with the speed and efficiency of the construction crew, it was clear that they’re diligently working to have this location open and ready for business.

Opening of the New Location – What to Expect

From my observation and the pace of work taking place, I anticipated the grand opening of Mendocino Farms’ new location to happen extremely soon.

The Bay Area Telegraph confirmed this through Mendocino Farms directly. The new location will open August 15th at 11am!

Where is the New Mendocino Farms Location?

This soon-to-be bustling location is conveniently situated by the Sports Basement, just off Ygnacio Valley Road, across from Heather Farm Park in the Ygnacio Plaza shopping center.

The Breakfast Club is opening soon in the same shopping center. Big changes for Eastern WC!

Front of the new Mendo location

The Mendocino Farms Journey Continues

Seeing a new Mendocino Farms location springing up right here in Walnut Creek is thrilling. Not only does it bring a unique dining option closer to our homes, but it also signifies the expansion and growth of this favorite Californian brand.

As we eagerly await for its doors to open, it’s safe to say the taste of Mendocino Farms’ delicious sandwiches and salads will soon be part of our regular life. Keep an eye out for further updates on this exciting development!

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Key Takeaways

  • Mendocino Farms is opening a new location in the Ygnacio Plaza Shopping Center in Walnut Creek.
  • The new location is across from Heather Park Farms Park and right next to a Sports Basement.
  • The outside of the building is blue and there is still work happening on the inside and in the parking lot.
  • The new location should open in the next several months.

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