PHOTOS: Protests in San Francisco Over Visit by Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli PM

Protestors gathered in Union Square in San Francisco, California to protest the policies of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, during an official visit by Netanyahu to the Bay Area.

Protests were supportive of the State of Israel, but critical of Netanyahu’s controversial judicial reform proposals, which threaten Israeli democracy.

The protestors also advocated to LGBTQ+ issues, as Netanyahu’s plan is considered threatening to the LGBTQ+ community in Israel.

A plane flew overhead trailing a banner criticizing Netanyahu.

Protestors held signs reading Occupation does not Equal Democracy.

Several speakers addressed the gathered crowd. Speakers included Tyler Gregory, CEO of the JCRC, Rabbi Sydney Mintz of Congregation Emanu-El, Sam Lauter, Community activist, Rabbi Nico Socolovsky, Congregation Shir Hadash, and Jessica Blitchok, Director of JCRC Silicon Valley.

Banners referred to Israel’s position as a Startup Nation, linking it to the Bay Area’s tech scene.

The Bay Area Telegraph was there, and will continue to follow the story. Photo credits: Amy Smith/Bay Area Telegraph.

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