Decoding Rev. Jaime Polson’s Powerful Message Against Antisemitism: Top Moments

LAFAYETTE, CALIFORNIA – At an event in September, Reverend Jaime Polson expressed solidarity and support for the Jewish community on behalf of the Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church (LOPC).

She shared how both the children and youths of LOPC and Temple Isaiah had shared worship spaces, underlining the interconnectedness of the two communities.

“This day matters to us and you matter to us. You are our neighbors and we are called into a high place to love our neighbor as ourselves,” she stated.

Against Hate and Antisemitism

Reverend Polson vehemently condemned the growing antisemitism and hate acts witnessed in the community. She asserted that such behavior and speech have no place within their community, underlining the church’s commitment to stand against it.

She expressed his concern over the increasing instances of antisemitism. “We are not okay with this,” she urged.

A Bond Cemented Through Faith

Reverend Polson highlighted how the Christian and Jewish congregations have established a strong relationship built on mutual respect and friendship. They have worked together to uplift the community, taking part in interfaith groups and social justice programs. She emphasized their shared experiences in worship, study, and teaching as foundations of this bond.

Key Elements of Reverend Polson’s Speech:

  • Standing in unity with the Jewish community
  • Condemnation of antisemitism and hate speech
  • Underscored commitment to foster interfaith relationships
  • Advocacy for a community rooted in love, friendship, and belonging

A Pledge for Continued Advocacy

Reverend Polson pledged continued support for the Jewish community and the cultivation of an inclusive community where everyone can freely practice their faith. She committed to standing up to hate and violence and teaching their children and youth about justice, respect, and allyship. “Our church and our church community, we will continue to be advocates for a community where love, friendship, and belonging is possible,” she said,

Thomas Smith

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