The Plant Organic Cafe Comes to Lafayette

This week, Local Kitchens in Lafayette, California announced that the Plant Organic Cafe would join the list of hosted restaurants at the popular East Bay ghost kitchen.

For a while, I’ve been getting tasty food (especially for lunch) at Local Kitchens in Lafayette. Often, I opt for the less-healthy but very delicious options: fried chicken from Proposition Chicken, a burger from Melt Burger, and the like.

Local Kitchens has always had other options, too, though. There’s healthy hummus from Oren’s (which is fantastic) and salads from Mixt (it’s not my favorite but a lot of people love them). Now, though, Local Kitchens has introduced another option, with healthy bowls from the Plant Organic Cafe.

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The Menu

The Plant specializes in big bowls of healthy stuff. Their Full Belly bowl includes mixed greens, “dino” kale, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, avocado, roasted beets, pickled onions, napa cabbage, hummus, sunflower seeds, ginger miso dressing for example. That’s a lot of greenery to cram into one bowl.

They’ve also got more conventional options, like a Mediterranean salad with hummus and chickpeas and a harvest salad with blue cheese, cashews, roasted chicken, and bacon. Several of their bowls are vegan, though not, of course, the ones topped with yummy bacon slices.

According to their website, everything on their menu is organic, and much of it is sourced from local farms. The restaurant features California cuisine with an Asian-inspired flair and many Asian-style ingredients (miso dressings feature heavily, for example).

My Visit to the Plant Organic Cafe

One day after the Plant’s arrival in Lafayette was announced, I headed over to Local Kitchens to check it out.

I’m not quite hardcore enough to get a vegan bowl of vegetables, so instead I opted for the safer choice of a cobb salad. It was delicious, with tons of crumbly blue cheese, sliced egg, chicken, bacon, and fresh, crispy lettuce.

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My only gripe was that the items look beautiful on the menu page, but because you’re getting them as takeout, it’s hard to duplicate that “white bowl filled with goodness” look in a cardboard takeout package.

My cobb salad at the Plant Organic Cafe

Still, judging the salad I got based on flavor and freshness (and healthiness, too, perhaps minus the eggs and bacon) it was a tasty, filling, plant-filled lunch. I would definitely order again. Maybe one day I’ll even be bold enough to find out what “dino kale” means.

How to Visit

If you want to check out the Plant Organic Cafe in Lafayette, you can order items via Local Kitchens. Either find them on Doordash, walk in, or order via their own mobile app or website. If you use the code THOMAS at checkout, they’ll give you $5 off your order (Full disclosure: They’ll give me a little commission if you use my code, too. Thanks in advance for supporting my writing if you use it to order).

Will I always opt for a healthy salad over a burger dripping with melted cheese? Probably not. But it’s nice to know that if I decide to opt for a healthy lunch, I have a new option available.

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