Video: Visiting the San Francisco Zoo

The San Francisco zoo is one of the signature attractions of the San Francisco Bay area. I remember going there several times before even moving to the Bay area, when I would travel to the West Coast from Baltimore.

There’s so much to do at the zoo that it’s hard to cover all the options in a few minutes. But here are a few off my favorites things to see on a visit to the San Francisco Zoo.

The Penguin Island in the center of the zoo is awesome. It’s a colony of adorable penguins who spend their days nesting, giving each other small rocks with their beaks, and frolicking in a big moat.

The zoo’s historic Little Puffer steam train is great too. It’s a historic small-gauge train you can ride in a big loop around the zoo. There are also excellent food options, including the Leaping Lemur cafe (try the chicken fingers).

Check out the San Francisco Zoo if you’re heading into the city.

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