Top Takeout Tip: Proposition Chicken’s Flipped Chicken

Proposition Chicken is known for their fried chicken, and rightly so. It’s crunchy, delicious, and has a nice tempura-like batter. What if you don’t feel like having fried chicken, though? Or what if you do you feel like having fried chicken, but you’re on a diet like the Mediterranean diet and are looking for a healthier option? Proposition Chicken still has you covered with their flipped chicken entrée.

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The Flipped Chicken

Proposition Chicken’s Flipped Chicken is a half rotisserie chicken seasoned with simple herbs. Like their fried chicken, the quality is excellent, and the Flipped chicken is tender and moist. It’s a totally different experience than the kind of rotisserie chicken you would get at Boston Market or in the hot case at Whole Foods (although I love a good Boston Market chicken, too).

The closest similarity I can see is to the tender, fall off the bone rotisserie chicken you would get at a good Peruvian restaurant. The spices feel similar, too. Proposition Chicken serves the Flipped chicken in a convenient to go container.

Alongside the chicken itself, you’ll find a biscuit, some coleslaw, and a chimichurri sauce. This is mostly oil, with some fresh green herbs mixed into it. It has a little sour kick to it as well. It’s a tasty addition to the chicken, although I find that their chicken is tender enough that it doesn’t really need a sauce.

How I Enjoy It

Here’s the best way to eat the Flipped chicken. Open the takeout container, and start greedily grabbing hunks of chicken off the bone. If you have kids, they’ll love to join you in doing this. Either scarf them down right away, or dip them in the chimichurri sauce. Between hunks of chicken, take a couple bites of the biscuit.

Eating this takeout meal is not a dainty affair. I wouldn’t recommend doing it in your car. You’ll end up with chicken grease and oily sauce all over the place. What the Flipped chicken is perfect for is a picnic. It’s more than enough food for one person, and probably two or more. It’s just as good cold as it is hot, and you can munch on it on a picnic table or on the ground outdoors and not have to worry about spills.

When I’m feeling indulgent, I still love to get Proposition Chicken’s fried chicken. But it’s nice to know that there’s another, presumably healthier option. Especially if you’re heading out into nature this Spring and Summer in the bay area, consider grabbing some Flipped chicken for your picnic. I recently took some on an outing to Redwoods Regional Park, and it worked great.

You can get Flipped chicken from Proposition Chicken’s locations in the city, or their outpost at Local Kitchens in Lafayette.

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