Shake Shack Will Open Soon in Walnut Creek

Update March 1, 2023: We have confirmed that Shake Shack will open on March 5, 2023.

A new location of the popular Shake Shack burger and shake restaurant is soon to open in Walnut Creek, California. The Shake Shack is located on the corner of Locust and Mount Diablo in downtown Walnut Creek.

On a recent visit, the Bay Area Telegraph observed that interior construction was underway. Mural-style designs have been placed on the windows to obscure the construction work, and signs for the popular restaurant have already been installed.

Posters have been placed advertising for new employees, with generous starting wages over $20 per hour.

Although no specific timeline has yet been announced, all these factors point to the new restaurant opening within the next several months.

Shake Shack is an East Coast restaurant chain that has a cult-like following. People line up around the block to purchase their burgers and milkshakes. Previously, Shake Shack had a limited presence on the West Coast, but that’s changing. The chain already has a location in Marin County at the Marin Country Mart shopping center.


The new location promises to make Walnut Creek even more of a burger capital for the East Bay, alongside the existing and popular Gott’s Roadside.

We’re looking forward to trying out the new restaurant as soon as it’s ready. The Bay Area Telegraph will undoubtedly be returning and will keep you posted when we know more about the opening timeline.

Thomas Smith

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