Exploring the Stars with the Little Ones: Habitot’s Space Station Pop-Up

Habitot Children’s Museum, which had to close its doors during the pandemic, is back with a bang! They’ve come up with an innovative approach to engage the community by hosting pop-up events and creating imaginative spaces throughout the Bay Area.

One such pop-up that has captured the hearts of families is the Space Station Experience located on Bay Street in Emeryville.

An Astronaut’s Welcome

As soon as we entered the Space Station Experience, which is running through September 1, our little explorers were thrilled to see that they could don NASA costumes.

The excitement on the faces of the children as they put on the astronaut suits was priceless. Although, it’s fair to mention that not all kids were as enthusiastic about suiting up, and that’s okay.

The Pretend Space Station

What struck me most about this exhibit was the incredibly detailed pretend space station. This space-themed area is designed to make the children feel as if they are in a real spaceship.

Kids get to pretend they are controlling a spaceship by using levers and switches, and even selecting “fuel” for their missions to various planets.

It’s an interactive and educational experience that fosters their curiosity and learning about space.

Art Activities

For creative minds, the pop-up includes space-themed art activities. Little artists can express themselves by making crafts that are out of this world in a separate area from the space station.

There is a space-themed wall of tubes and balls that captures kids’ imaginations and keeps them engaged and building cool contraptions, too.

Impact on Bay Street

The Space Station pop-up is a part of broader efforts to revitalize Bay Street and make it more engaging for families. And I must say, it’s working! The street was buzzing with life as families poured in to experience this exciting venture.


Habitot’s Space Station Experience is a must-visit for families in the Bay Area. Not only does it provide a fun and educational outing for the children, but it also supports the wonderful cause of bringing communities together and breathing new life into Bay Street. So, buckle up and blast off to this exciting pop-up before it’s gone!

Buy tickets and learn more here:

Habitot Children’s Museum 5689 Bay Street Emeryville, CA 94608

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