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Can You Take BART to Oakland Airport? A Local’s Guide

As a seasoned local Bay Area resident, the question of whether you can take the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to Oakland Airport (OAK) is a common one.

To put it simply, yes, you absolutely can! I’ve taken BART to OAK many times, and with the updated BART connector service, you don’t even need to ride a shuttle bus, as you used to have to do.

Here’s an updated guide on how to use BART to travel to Oakland Airport, with the latest information from BART as of 2023.

Why Take BART to Oakland Airport?

The advantages of taking BART to OAK are plenty:

  • Convenience: With the Oakland Airport BART station a short walk away from both airline terminals, and connections to downtown San Francisco, downtown Oakland, and many other Bay Area destinations, BART is an extremely convenient choice.
  • Cost-efficient: The fares are reasonable and a great deal cheaper than a taxi or ride-share service.
  • Eco-friendly: Opting for public transit reduces carbon emissions and supports a cleaner environment. The Bay Area loves that!
  • Avoid Traffic: Using BART allows you to bypass the often congested Bay Area traffic.

How to Take BART to Oakland Airport?

Navigating BART to OAK is quite simple with the following step-by-step guide:

  1. Use the BART App: The official BART app, available on the App Store and Google Play, will be a useful tool for your journey. It provides routes, fares, and real-time updates.
  2. Obtain a Clipper Card: BART now requires all riders to use a Clipper card, a regional transit card that can be used on all transit in the Bay Area. The best way to get a Clipper card in the current climate is to add a digital card to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay. There’s no fee for adding a new digital card, and every rider can add their own card to their phone’s digital wallet.
  3. Travel to Coliseum Station: Whether you’re traveling from downtown Oakland or San Francisco, take BART to Coliseum Station. Then, transfer to an OAK train at Platform 3.
  4. Arrive at OAK: From the Coliseum Station, it’s a short journey to Oakland Airport on the BART connector, which locals sometimes call “baby BART.”
BART at Pleasant Hill station

BART Schedule to Oakland Airport

BART operates from 5 a.m. to midnight on weekdays, 6 a.m. to midnight on Saturdays, and 8 a.m. to midnight on Sundays and major holidays. Always check the BART Trip Planner for departure and arrival times.

Which BART Line is Oakland Airport On?

The Coliseum Station, where the BART to OAK line originates, is a major hub on the BART system, and it is serviced by both the Richmond-Berryessa/North San Jose line and the Antioch-SFO/Millbrae line.

You can take either of these lines directly to Coliseum, or transfer from another line at any BART transfer station.

How Long Does it Take?

Here’s a table showing the approximate transit time from various popular BART stations to Oakland Airport (OAK).

Please note that these are estimations and actual travel times may vary. Always double-check with the BART Trip Planner for the most accurate information.

BART StationApproximate Transit Time to OAK
Downtown Berkeley35 minutes
Downtown Oakland20 minutes
Embarcadero (San Francisco)40 minutes
Powell Street (San Francisco)38 minutes
Daly City50 minutes
Walnut Creek45 minutes
Fremont55 minutes
Dublin/Pleasanton1 hour and 5 minutes

Remember to add additional time to account for potential delays, getting to/from the station, and navigating the airport. Safe travels!

BART Fares Through Clipper

Children aged 4 and under ride free on BART. All other passengers must have a Clipper card. The fare structure is based on mileage, and there are no weekly or monthly passes available.

You can check your fare by clicking here. If you’re traveling with kids aged 5-18 years old, they get 50% off with a youth Clipper card. Seniors aged 65 and over get 62.5% off with a Senior Clipper card.

Luggage and Accessibility

Stow your luggage under your seat or hold it in your lap. BART requires you to keep the doorways clear. Some cars have space near the doors for wheelchairs, bikes, or strollers, which you may use for your luggage if it’s not in use.

All BART stations have elevators and extra-wide fare gates for large luggage and for use by people with disabilities.

I usually pack light if I’m traveling via BART to the airport. Especially at rush hour, it can be tough to carry big suitcases on the train.

Multi-day Reserved Parking

BART offers inexpensive multi-day parking at many stations. You can reserve and purchase this parking through the BART app.

Multi-day reserved parking may be purchased up to 60 days in advance, with a maximum of twenty weekdays of parking at a time. Parking on weekends is free. Visit the Parking section on the BART website for more information.

I often park at the Walnut Creek BART station if I’m traveling to the airport. It’s definitely cheaper than parking at the airport itself.

With this updated guide, taking BART to Oakland Airport should be an absolute breeze. Wishing you a smooth journey!

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