Local’s Take, Toyosu Sushi in Walnut Creek, California

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at a local hidden sushi gem in Walnut Creek, California – Toyosu Sushi. I originally found it when I tried to go to lunch at Kaiwa (cheaper and located two storefronts away), and I’ve gone back several times.

Nestled just off of Main Street, Toyosu Sushi boasts a classic sushi bar ambiance. It’s marked by its narrow layout but offers a sense of coziness through its dark-wood designed interiors.

  • Address: 1552 Locust St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
  • Offers a classic sushi bar ambiance accentuated by its dark wood interiors.


Toyosu in Walnut Creek

Toyosu is situated just a street away from North Main, on Locust street. Parking is conveniently available in a lot located across the street, adjacent to the Lesher Center. You can also try for street parking, especially around lunchtime.


The menu is a balance between variety and quality, with a selection ranging from classic sushi rolls to more creative offerings.

As expected from a fancier sushi place, the prices are on the higher end, with basic items such as a can of Coca-Cola or bowl of rice priced at $3.

It’s pricey!

Best Items to Get

Here are some of my favorite items on the menu.

  • The udon soup is delicious and big enough for two people to share for a lunch. I like their tempura udon.
  • I wasn’t a big fan of the agadashi tofu. It’s a bit too slimy in texture for my taste.
  • Both their fancier sushi rolls and classics like the California Roll are delicious
  • Their green tea is excellent. It tastes almost like matcha it’s so well flavored.
Udon soup
Rainbow roll
Rainbow roll
The green tea is delicious
I’m not a fan of the agadashi tofu

Is Toyosu Worth it?

Toyosu is pricey. If Kaiwa is open, I tend to go there, since it’s cheaper and still tasty.

If you’re looking for a fancier place (maybe for a date night or a business lunch), though, Toyosu is a great bet. Their fish feels high quality and the ambiance is fancier.

If I’m eating there casually, I like to split the udon soup or a few rolls to keep the price down. I also skip sodas since they feel pretty expensive for a can of Coke.

Simple rolls like the California roll are a good bet


If you’re looking for an alternative to your regular sushi restaurant or want to dine in a place with a little bit extra, Toyosu sushi does not disappoint. With its variety of offerings, friendly and cozy atmosphere, and quality sushi, it’s perfect for those fancier dining occasions.

  • Perfect sushi spot for those seeking an alternative or a more extravagant experience.
  • Offers variety, ambiance and quality sushi – ideal for a fancier dining experience.

Thomas Smith

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