Savers Thrift Store to Open Soon in Walnut Creek

Update 2/9/2023: Savers Walnut Creek is now open! Check out our coverage from opening day.

The new location of Savers, the thrift store, is getting ready to open in Walnut Creek. This store is located by Rossmoor in Walnut Creek’s Tice Valley neighborhood.

I really like Savers for a couple of reasons. If you’re into thrifting, Savers is great because it feels like the model of a Target or Walmart “big box” store, except applied to a thrift store. When the new Savers opens, there will be a huge amount that you can browse through and great deals you can get there.

Easy Donations

What I really love about Savers, though, is that they accept nearly anything as a donation. They can accept a large volume of items, toys and clothing, and other kinds of items you might want to give to a thrift store. They have a donation center where you can just drive up, and someone will unload items from your car and give you a tax receipt.

Walnut Creek Savers location. Credit: Bay Area Telegraph

I often struggle to find a donation location near me in the East Bay. Goodwill is great, but they tend to accept a narrower range of items, and their stores are smaller, so they sometimes run out of space for new donations. Savers accepts most usable items, and they have the capacity to accept a larger volume on a daily basis.

The catch is that Savers is a for-profit company. However, a portion of the funds from the items they sell do support non-profits. So it is a good way to donate those unused items and support some causes in the process.

Walnut Creek Savers location. Credit: Bay Area Telegraph

They’ll be opening fairly soon, but no date has been announced yet. I expect they’ll be open in the next several months.

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