Savers Thrift Store in Walnut Creek Now Open for Business Near Rossmoor

February 9, 2023, was the grand opening of Savers Thrift Store in Walnut Creek, California. The new location of Savers is in the Tice Valley neighborhood, right near the entrance to Rossmoor.

The Bay Area Telegraph was on site as the store prepared to open. A long line of people stretched around the block, waiting to be the first to enter the store.

Because thrift stores are known for putting out bargains and special deals in the morning, many of these visitors were likely hoping to be the first ones to see the new items on offer at Savers’ location.

About Savers Walnut Creek

The Savers Thrift Store in Walnut Creek originally announced plans to launch in October 2022. They began to accept donations shortly thereafter. The February 9 grand opening date was announced in January, and the store is now open for business.

The store is ideally positioned to target the audience of Rossmoor residents, as well as Walnut Creek families who want to donate unused items.

Unlike other local thrift stores, such as Goodwill, Savers is a for-profit store. Although it does donate a portion of the money received from donations to local charities, it is fundamentally a for-profit business.

Some people might not like that; on the other hand, this model allows Savers to accept a broader range of donations. Even if they are for-profit, they are helping local residents keep items out of the landfill.

Opening Day at Savers Walnut Creek

Just before the store opened on the morning of February 9, the Bay Area Telegraph observed employees gathered in a circle inside, likely preparing for their first day on the job. Savers is currently hiring at the new location. Stop by if you want to check out the deals, or if you’re looking for a job in the thrift store industry.

You can also drive by this new location of Savers if you want to donate items. We have personally tested donating items on three different occasions, and Savers will accept many household goods, clothing, books, children’s toys, and much else.

Donating Items at Savers

The store operates a dedicated donation center beside the main entrance. You can pull up with your vehicle and drop off items. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt from one of Savers’ partner charities. You can also receive a coupon to save money on a future purchase.

Donating at the Walnut Creek donation center can be a great way to get a discount on the future item that you find at Savers!

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